Portfolio tracking

When users log in to HXR Trade for the first time, a paper trading account will be automatically created for each supported exchange and the paper funds will be allocated, and the asset tracking will start to track the asset changes of the paper account. Real asset tracking needs to be connect with the API key of the exchange. You can securely connect multiple exchange accounts to HXR, and centrally track and manage funds scattered across various exchanges in one portfolio.

Portfolio tracking includes five parts:  total value、profit、exchange asset distribution、coin distribution and transfer record.

It should be noted that the statistics of portfolio tracking are not real-time data and are updated every 10 minutes. The earliest statistic time of the day is UTC 0:05

My portfolio

It shows the total value and total profit of all your current assets, which can directly reflect whether your current investment portfolio is profitable or losing.field description:

  • Total value :Count the USD value of all assets in the connected exchange
  • Today's profit :Today's Profit = current value - today's initial value + today's transfer out - today's transfer in
  • Today's ROE% :Today's ROE%=today's profit / (today's initial value + today's transfer in) * 100%
  • Total profit :The total profit of the selected date range, total profit = current value - initial value + cumulative transfer out- cumulative transfer in, the default statistics for the last 30 days, you can switch on the top of the chart
  • Total ROE% :Total ROE% for the selected date range, total ROE% = total profit / (initial value + cumulative transfer in) * 100%
  • Est. APY :Est. APY = [ ( 1 + Total ROE%) ^ (365 / count days) -1 ] * 100%                                       Portfolio tracking- My protfolio

My Profit

Profit and loss analysis is performed based on daily changes of total value and transfers of assets. Daily and monthly profit and loss are clearly understood. Field description:

  • Yesterday : of course, this is yesterday's profit
  • Stats days : The number of days since connecting the first exchange account to HXR. In【Paper】trading mode, this is the number of days since you registered
  • Total profit : Total profit since connecting the first exchange account to HXR. In【Paper】trading mode, this is the total profit of the paper account since you registered
  • Total ROE% : Total ROE% since connecting the first exchange account to HXR. In【Paper】trading mode, this is the total ROE% of the paper account since you registered

      Portfolio tracking- My profit 


Here you can clearly know the asset balance and share of each exchange. Of course, you can also switch in the upper right corner to view the distribution of trading account assets

Portfolio tracking-Balance-Exch 

Portfolio tracking-Balance-Acco 


If your assets are distributed in different exchanges and trading accounts, you can see the total amount and share of each asset here, helping you track your holdings, track daily price changes, volume changes, and display asset shares to Help you manage your crypto assets. It should be noted that:

  1. 【Amount chg.】and【Price chg%】should be calculated from UTC 0:00 not 24 hours
  2.  It is normal that the list does not change when switching between exchanges and trading accounts in the upper right corner. The switch here will not affect the change of the total amount of assets. This is to facilitate you to filter and view the assets of a certain exchange or a certain trading account
  3. The number of assets counted here may be less than the assets you actually own on the exchange, because considering the actual situation, some exchange accounts are not counted, you can confirm by screening the trading accounts

Portfolio tracking- Coin- Exch

Portfolio tracking- Coin- Acco 


View transfer records of all exchange currencies in one place, convenient and fast. Click the filter button in the upper right corner, and you can also specify to view the transfer records of an exchange or trading account

Portfolio tracking- Transfer 

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