Custom signal

If the built -in technical indicator rating and take profit and stop loss platform cannot meet your transaction needs.You can use tradingView custom signal to start, close and cancel the trading of the bot.This is not complicated.It only needs three steps:

  1. Get the configuration information of the bot's custom signal
  2. Modify the bot settings
  3. Paste the configuration information in tradingView to create an alert

Get the configuration information of the bot's custom signal

To use the TradingView custom signal, you need to create a DCA bot first, and to obtain the configuration information of the custom signal at the [info]page of the DCA bot card.

info- custom signal 

At present, you can use a custom signal to "start deal" and "close deal".

  • start deal: if this is a long-strategy bot,you need to create an alert at TradingView for each transaction.The trading pair that has not created alert will not start.In addition, if you have created multiple alerts to a trading pair, the trading will start with the first -triggered alert.
  • close deal:Support to close all trading pairs or only close the specified trading pair.You can also specify the close operation.It will close at the market price.Different trading pairs and closing operations are different about the corresponding messages. You need to confirm before copying the message.

Modify the bot settings

Start deal

If you use Trading View custom signal as base order condition,you need set the base order condition as[Trading View] on the Creat DCA bot page or edit page.It should be noted that the Trading View custom signal is not recommended to be used with other indicators, because this will affect the successful trigger of the custom signal.


Close deal

If you need to close active deal by Trading View. You don't need to set up the bot after creating a bot. All you need to do is to make sure the closing operation and the trading pair that you want to close when copying the message. The bot will close the deal at market price when it get the signal.

Create an alert in Trading View

Open a chart page of trading pair on Here we use BTCUSDT trading for 1 hour as an example to create a alert to start BTCUSDT transactions. This process is divided into 6 steps:

  1. Click the alert to create an entrance to open the pop -up page of creating alarm
  2. Set the trigger conditions of the alert 
  3. Set the frequency of sending alert 
  4. Fill in the [webhook link] copyed from info.Link:
  5. Name the alert,or skip
  6. Fill in the [message] copyed from info

As shown below:

create an alert for BTCUSDT 


 After copy the text of the custom signal in the bot info, just paste at the corresponding position,do not make any modifications to avoid errors.

After completing the above operation, click the [Create] button, and the alert will be displayed in the list

alert list 

The alert will be triggered after meeting the conditions. After triggering, the signal will be sent to the HXR Trade platform through Webhook. After receiving the signal, the platform will immediately start BTC/USDT deal. If the following situation occurs, the new deal will not start:

  1. the bot is stopped
  2. reach the Max active deals
  3. there is a active deal of the current deal
  4. the deal is in the colddown time
You need to pay for subscriptions at to create alerts. For most users, PRO+ subscription can meet the demand
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