FAQ in the Use of the Exchange

Insufficient account authority

  • It prompts that the authority is insufficient when you are processing futures trading on OKX. At this time, you need to change the account mode from [Simple ] to [Single-Currency Margin] or [Multi-Currency Margin] on OKX Exchange, and connect it in the API key connecting page with futures trading permission
  • Insufficient permission is prompted when trading equity tokens. At this time, you need to go to the FTX exchange for additional investor authentication

Account disabled for trading

This is because the laws of your country or region prohibit trading or trigger the risk control of the exchange. When these problems occur, you need to log in to the exchange to view the help documents provided by the exchange or contact customer service for help.

Trading pair unavailable

This could be that the exchange is under maintenance or the pair has been delisted. If this problem occurs, you need to log in to the exchange to check the status of the current trading pair. If it is not delisted, you can try to place an order directly on the exchange to see if it can be traded normally, and you may find the problem.

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