API key invalidation and solutions

If you only plan to use HXR Trade for portfolio tracking and not for trading, please do not connect the API key with trading permissions when connecting to the exchange, so that your API key will never expire 😉

The API key connection with trading authority will expire after a certain period of time. Different exchanges have different strategies, as follows:


The [futures trading] permission of the API key without an IP address will never expire. The [Spot Trading] and [Contract Trading] are valid for three months. After the timeout, you need to re-edit the API key and choose the [Allow Spot and Margin Trading] again.



API keys that are not bound to an IP address and have trading or withdrawal permissions will be automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

This means that if you connect an API key with trading permissions in HXT Trade, if you do not conduct any tradings within 30 days, the API key will be automatically deleted by OKX Exchange. At this time, if you still need to use HXR trade,the following actions are required:

  1. Regenerate a new API key on OKX exchange
  2. Edit the original API key in HXR Trade and replace it with the new one
  3. And save it, so the original records will not be lost


Select Never expire when creating an API key on FTX exchange, so your API key will always be valid.


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