FAQ about active deals

What is active deal

After the DCA bot start running, the configured trading pairs will be placed in the order of adding positions (first order, safety order 1, safety order 2...) when the trading conditions are met. From the first order of the DCA bot carried on the exchange, active deal is formed.

After the first order is filled, the bot will automatically submit a stop-profit and stop-loss order and a new safety order.Whenever there is a new order filled, it can reduce our position cost, the original stop-profit and stop-loss order will be cancelled, and the new stop-profit and stop-loss order will be resubmitted according to the current position size and average opening price.

As shown in the figure below, active trading displays a wealth of information, including position size, unrealized profit and loss, average position opening price, latest price, take profit and stop loss price, safety order price, and capital occupation.


What will happen if the trading conditions are met again since the trading pair has an active trade already.

A DCA bot can only have at most one [active deal] on a trading pair at the same time. This means that new active deals cannot start if the active deals for that pair have not ended.

The bot sets up multiple trading pairs, but  there is only 1 active deal

at most

This may be that the number of [Maximum active deals] you set is smaller than the number of trading pairs you set.


I want to modify the number of safety orders and take profit and stop loss prices for active deals, but I can't find how to modify them

Yes, you cannot perform other direct operations on the [active deals] except to cancel them or close them with market price.However, you can convert it into [smart position] through smart position convert. You can add or reduce positions to the [smart position] at will, and modify the take profit and stop loss price.


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