FAQ about bot parameter modification

Do I need to stop the bot first to modify the parameters?

You can modify the parameters of the bot at any time without paying attention to whether the bot is running and whether there are active deals, and it will take effect immediately after saving.

Modifying the parameters of the bot does not affect the generated [active deals], and the new parameters will take effect after the [active deals] generated after saving.

I modified the parameters of the trading bot, but it did not take effect

If it shows ‘Bot successfully saved’,In fact, it has already taken effect. However, the generated "active deals" will still run according to the original parameters, and the newly generated "active deals" will be executed according to the latest parameters.

I stopped the bot, but active deals are not closed

After the bot is stopped, no new active deals will be started, but existing active deals will not be affected. If you need to close an active deal, you can choose [Market Close] or [Cancel]. Both will cancel all unfilled orders, the difference is that the former will close the filled positions with market price.

I stopped the bot, canceled orders on the exchange and new orders appeared

Although the bot is closed, the [active deal] generated by the bot is still there, so it will continue to place orders.

After stopping the bot, you can manually cancel or market close the active deal, so that the order on the exchange will be cancelled automatically.

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