Release Notes (2022-08-04)

Add paper trading

  • The platform automatically opens the paper trading and assigned paper funds for each user. A paper account is generated for each connected exchange. You can use this to quickly familiarize yourself with our products and train your trading strategies
  • You can switch paper trading and real trading very conveniently on the top of the page. If you do not need the paper trading, you can close it in settings.
  • You can reset the paper account in the setting center if you need to reset it. It requires no connected bot and active deals

Add USDs-M futures trading of Binance

Now you can connect to the API key of Bianace:

  • Count the PnL and transaction of the futures trading account 
  • Create USDs-M DCA bot for futures trading, including USDT and BUSD

API connection process optimization

  •  Add API key permissions check, you can bind the API key with the corresponding permissions as needed
  • Optimized the error prompt, and made a targeted solution prompt for the vast majority of errors that may occur
  • Add failure API Key's mandatory deletion logic


  • Add a customized nickname and avatar in the settings
  • Optimize the jumping logic of the side navigation bar 
  • Optimize the creation form of the DCA express version 
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