Release Notes (2022-10-31)

Optimized the homepage of the official website

Now you can understand our product functions very conveniently through the official website HXR.COM. At the same time, we have opened the way to get the invitation code. I hope you are interested in the HXR trading platform.


Add Marketcap top 100 performance page

Long the top performing and short the bottom performing,learn more. 


Smart trade 

Add TP / SL for active smart position

Take profit support single target and multiple targets


single target


multiple targets

Add reduce funds and add funds for the active smart position

A limit order, market order, and condition order are supported for adding and reducing funds. 


add funds by condition order


reduce funds by limit order

Add exchange positions

You can view your exchange positions on the smart trade page


Add balance

Now you can view your balance on the smart trade page.




  • Smart trade supports changing the margin mode and leverage
  • The PnL of active smart trade shows as [total PnL] under the hover state
  • Add order detail page to active smart trade
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