Release Notes (2022-11-21)

Smart trade

Add exchange positions converted to a smart position

You can convert positions created on exchanges into smart positions, unlocking more control over your positions.


Add balance converted to a smart position

You can convert spot assets on exchanges into smart positions and manage your spot assets like contract positions.


Add display of open orders on exchanges

You can check your open order on the exchange here. In addition, you can also cancel active orders created by non-HXR Trade platforms.


Add Hedge and Reverse features to the Active smart position

The features you may need to use when the market suddenly reverses.


DCA bot

Add Smart position converted to Active deal

Since an active deal does not support edit take-profit and stop-loss, add or reduce the number of safety orders, and take profit in batches, you can convert it to the smart position if you need to edit an active deal.


Portfolio tracking

Add futures stats



  • Added fields Market cap and 24h volume to Marketcap top 100 performance
  • Added real-time positions in the pop-up window of TP/SL、ADD and Reduce settings for active smart positions
  • Remove support for FTX exchange








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