Release Notes (2023-01-29)

Added Compound Trade

"Compound trading means shorting another trading pair at the same time as longing one trading pair"


Add compound trading pair

To use compound trading, you need to add a  compound trading pair first, and select [Ex. Account] --> [Base pair] --> [quote pair] to obtain a [compound trading pair], click the button on the left to set the pair. Add to the watch list.


Compound Trading

When trading, the base pair and quote pair of the compound trading pair are traded in equal amounts. Set [Volume], [Split counts], and [Leverage] in the trading panel.

  • When buying at the market price, the amount will be used to do long on the base pair and short the quote trading pair at the same time.
  • When selling at the market price, the base pair will be shorted at this amount, and the quoted pair will be long at the same time.


Compound Trading Pair Positions

The compound trading pair position shows the information of the two positions of the base trading pair and the quote trading pair, including position value, position size ([Amount] will change to [Size] in the hover state), average opening price, latest price, unrealized profit and loss, and other information.


Added Trend refer

Two turning points (high and low) from the current price are taken from the market's 1-hour, 4-hour, 1-day, and 1-week candlestick data. The relationship between the current price and the turning points determines trends.


Added Trending pairs

Trending pairs are measured by the Marketcap top 100 performance data, including C/W, W/M, and M/Q.


Optimize the express creation of the DCA bot

Now you can choose the parameters recommended by the platform to set the amount of investment according to your risk preference.

The system-recommended parameters are calculated by the platform based on the comprehensive historical market and asset fluctuations, which can bring reliable investment references for traders.



  1. Optimize the style of the side navigation bar
  2. The Barcoloring indicator was renamed to Trend Finder, and [Buy] and [Sell] indicators were added at the same time
  3. Smart trading adds trading market navigation
  4. Added smart position settings, so you can choose to turn on and off some functions
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