Connection guide of OKX exchange API Key

It requires two steps to connect the OKX exchange API,

Step 1: Create API in OKX exchange;

Step 2: connect the API in HXR Trade;


Step 1: Create API

1. Open the homepage of OKX( exchange and log in to the OKX account. Then place the cursor on the [Personal Center] icon on the upper right of the page, and click the [API] button.



2. Click the [Create V5 API key] button in the upper right corner.



3. Open the API application page:

Enter the [API name], Label API Key for easy memorization;

Set the [Passphrase], This password will also be used when connecting the API in the Step 2: Connect the API, please keep in mind;

Select [Permissions], you need to check the [Trade] permission.



4. Complete the Two-factor authentication to complete the creation.





Creation complete, please well save the API Key, Secret Key and Passphrase, they will be used in the Step 2: Connect.


Step 2: Connect the API

1. Log in to the HXR Trade(, in the Portfolio page, click the [Exchange connect] button to switch to the connect exchange page.



2. Find OKX Exchange and click the [Connect a new] button on the right;



3. Enter Memo for easy identification, and enter the API Key, Secret Key, and the Passphrase just created in the OKX exchange. Then select permissions including Spot trading and Futures trading according to your needs.



4. After the connection is completed, click the [Test] button to check the connection status. If the 'Nice job' icon appears, it means the connection is successful.





To avoid unnecessary losses, HXR Trade highly recommends its users and clients DO NOT connect multiple HXR Trade-like services with one and the same API Key.
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