HXR Trade Alpha Invitation Code Giveaway

HXR Trade Alpha PRO subscription Giveaway!

From 2022.10.27 to 2022.12.31, join HXR Trade Discord or leave your email address on HXR Trade Official website ticket to get the HXR Trade Alpha PRO subscription for free!


Event Time

2022.10.27 to 2022.12.31

Event Process

Join HXR Trade Discord

Join HXR Trade Discord Community (Recommend): https://discord.gg/hxrtrade

HXR Trade Official website Ticket 

Leave Email address on HXR Trade Official website Ticket: HXR.COM
Join HXR Trade Discord Community and finish the Verification, then you can get the Invitation Code directly in Discord channel Sign-up-invitation-code. Anyone leave his E-mail address to HXR Trade Official website Ticket, need to wait an email reply by HXR Trade Support team.

How to Use My HXR Trade Invitation Code

  1. Login to HXR Trade Official Web Site HXR.COM
  2. Click the Sign-up button on the up-right page
  3. Input the Invitation Code to finish the Sign-up Process


  1. HXR Trade Alpha will end on 2022.12.31.
  2. HXR Trade Alpha Invitation Code valid until 2022.12.31
  3. HXR Trade Alpha Pro subscription is equivalent to up to $240. It depends on when you set up your HXR Trade account.
  4. All registered users join the Pro subscription temporarily during HXR Trade Alpha.
  5. HXR Trade Alpha ends on 2022.12.31, Pro subscription is back to $119.95 / month.
  6. Please do not resell the HXR Trade Account and Invitation Code or centralized malicious use Invitation Codes. It is forbidden if HXR Trade is found and will take action, including but not limited  banning the HXR Trade Account.
  7. HXR Trade reserves the right of final interpretation.

Join HXR Trade community, let's talk trading & bots!

HXR Trade Twitter: https://twitter.com/HXRTrade

HXR Trade Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HXRCryptoTradingTools

HXR Trade Discord: https://discord.gg/hxrtrade

HXR Trade Telegram: https://t.me/hxrcryptotradingbot

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